About Us

When it’s time to leave all your troubles behind you, say goodbye to stress and relax, Kushy.us is your 1-stop shop for all things cannabis! We are here to help you find the highest-quality cannabis-related products at the most competitive prices... and the best part?

Your cannabis business can deliver favorite products straight to your door! 

That’s right! No need to get up and drive through traffic... They'll bring everything you need to you quickly and discreetly!

Who Are We? 

Kushy is a customer-oriented business established by a group of friends who want to offer everyone high-quality and affordable ways to relieve stress! 

Are you ready to relax?

Mission Statement

Our mission is quite simple. Cannabis is no longer a taboo and we want to offer you superior-quality, excellent service, and affordable cannabis-related products from the best in the business so that you enjoy a unique experience. 

After all, Nate Dogg put it perfectly... 

Hey-ay-ay-ay... You know the rest! Have fun with Kushy!

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