What are all the different ways I can get high from weed?
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What are all the different ways I can get high from weed?

To see how cannabis enters the bloodstream and behaves in the human body, we need to know how it is taken. Cannabis can be smoked, vaporized, ingested in edibles and turned into a concentrate. Each of these methods will produce different results.

Smoking Cannabis:

Smoking is the quickest way to feel the effects of cannabis because it goes straight into your lungs where they go directly into your blood system. This method has been shown to deliver THC faster than any other method because THC does not have to break down through the digestive process before entering into your bloodstream like edibles and concentrates do.

Weed Bongs:

Bongs (also known as water pipes) work similarly to smoking but rather than burning flower or flower products, you’re passing hot air through the product to create either smoke or vapor.
Vaporizing: Vaporizers use heat to convert cannabis into a vapor that can be inhaled without producing smoke, tar and other carcinogens. Vaporization is considered healthier than smoking because it reduces any negative effects of combustion but produces the same results as smoking. This method is also believed to make cannabinoids more available to your body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates our homeostasis (overall physiologic stability).

Cannabis Edibles:

Most often created by infusing butter with cannabis which is then cooked into recipes for bars, cookies, brownies or any other kind of baked goods that may need butter or oil added. Edibles are metabolized differently because they must first pass through your liver before entering into your bloodstream. This is why edibles take longer to produce noticeable effects, which can make beginners impatient or cause them to consume more of it because they are not feeling the effects as fast. Be patient! It takes time for the digestive system to process infused butter vs smoking flower directly.
-Edibles come with a delayed onset of effect due to its metabolism by the liver and it typically lasts longer than inhaling cannabis, but that does not mean you have consumed less or sold you short on effective medicine. When ingested orally, cannabinoids are absorbed through the liver’s portal system before being distributed throughout the body making them stronger and longer lasting than smoking consumption.-

Cannabis Concentrates:

Concentrates are arguably the most potent of cannabis products due to their THC content. Concentrates are found in a variety of forms such as kief, wax, hash oil and dabs.

Cannabis Dabs (Dabbing):

Dabbing is a more advanced way to consume concentrates that requires a special water pipe called an oil rig or dab rig. This method involves using a metal tool – called a dabber or nail – to heat concentrated cannabis (wax or shatter) on a hot surface (known as a hot nail) and then inhaling the vapor through the tube. A non-combustion method, it delivers 60% percent THC which is very close to 100% THC content without actually combusting it traditional flower smoking methods do with THC burns at around 88%. The method is called dabbing because the concentrated cannabis comes in a hardened form known as wax or shatter.
  – Dabbing has been touted as a healthier alternative for consuming cannabis because it doesn’t use a solvent like butane or other chemicals, which means you’re getting more of the actual product without any added ingredients to your body.-

Cannabis Tinctures:

Sometimes referred to as liquids, tinctures are very potent liquid extracts that are not only quick acting but also easy to control dosage. They can be taken under your tongue with an eye dropper or mixed into beverages and daily supplements depending on your needs. Tincture bottles come labeled with ratios for each serving, which lets users easily measure out their desired dosage.
  -Tinctures are much easier to use than other methods of cannabis consumption because they’re not smoked or vaped and there’s no learning curve for figuring out how much you need to achieve desired results.-
Contrary to popular belief, smoking weed does not yield the most potent effects compared to other ways of ingesting cannabis like edibles, concentrates and tinctures. Edibles take anywhere from 30-90 minutes before taking effect but its onset is more gradual, which means the effects don’t hit you immediately like inhaling cannabis products do.

Despite this difference in onset, modern science has proven that smoking marijuana produces greater amounts of certain carcinogens, which put your health at risk. The bottom line is that choosing your method of cannabis consumption really depends on your preferences, health status and the time frame in which you need to feel its effects.