Velvet Purps

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Strain Type: Hybrid

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Velvet Purps by Sun Roots Farm is an indica-dominant hybrid steeped in JahGoo genetics. It’s created by crossing JahGoo with Magic Bus (itself a cross between T2 and JahGoo). This backcrossing of JahGoo genetics fortifies the relaxing, indica-dominant effects while preserving the emerald green foliage and purple accents the strain is known for. Velvet Purps produces trichome-laden buds that emit a berry and pine aroma that opens up on the palate. Enjoy this strain to don a peaceful, relaxing buzz that is perfectly suited for evening consumption.

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May help with

  • 25% of people say it helps with ADD/ADHD
  • 25% of people say it helps with Alzheimer’s
  • 25% of people say it helps with Anorexia
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