Superglue OG

Superglue OG Strain Info

What is the Strain?

Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid of Skunk1XNorthern Lights and can be found in some medical marijuana dispensaries. It isn’t widely available though.If you find it on the black market, consider it a rare find.

’s Appearance

Superglue Strain is a real beauty to behold with a typical indica stature that stands tall, slender and really pretty. Large flowers with a spade-like appearance cover the stems of this plant, with tightly curled leaves and intertwined with rust-hued hairs and

Superglue ’s Aroma

Superglue Strain has a really distinctive scent. This is why you might want to think about it when planting or working in the vicinity of areas that could be effected by the odor.

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Superglue OG’s Flavors

The flavour is carried over from the fragrance, as is the musty smell. The taste is mildly with hints of . Some people may find it difficult to tell the difference between this scent and -scented Pledge

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Superglue OG’s Health Effects

It is a medical strain, which can help people with , , and . It may also help control seizures and .

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Superglue OG’s THC/CBD content

This has frosty white buds that have a THC level over 23% in some tests. It also contains amounts of CBD, around 1.4% in certain tests.

Superglue OG’s Effects On Brain & Body

Superglue is formidable and its intensity can overwhelm beginner smokers. You’ll start to feel its powerful effects immediately, which will most likely leave you feeling uplifted and . Under the influence of the drug, users may feel and clear-minded. They can also become talkative, energetic or aggressive.

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Superglue OG’s Growing Information

Superglue OG’s Flowering Time


Indoor marijuana cultivation may be the best choice for us because it is possible to both create optimal growing conditions and shorten the flowering time. As listed at around , Superglue could be ready in 8 weeks or less. It’s the most productive of the macadamia family, with a yield between 14 to 18 ounces per square meter.


If you’re growing it outdoors, then it’s estimated to produce around 14-22 ounces per plant. However, you need to attach the buds with superglue during the last days of October.


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