Purple Punch
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Purple Punch Strain Info

What is Purple Punch Strain?

Purple Punch is a and sedating indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Larry with . The flavor of this strain is very , reminiscent of . It’s a great option for those looking to unwind after a long day or for those who want to relax and watch a favorite TV show. Purple Punch, as its name suggests, often causes the consumer to feel an intense . It will start between your eyes and spread to your limbs.


Purple punch strain is known for its purple coloration in the leaves, stems, and even in the flowers when they are in full bloom.


It smells like fruit punch and tastes like a blend of fresh grapes and mangoes.

Blueberry, Earthy, Grape, Herbal, Sweet


It also smells like grapefruits when growing, but when smoked or consumed the taste is most often described as , , , ,


Purple Punch is a that gives an energetic, euphoric, often accompanied by happiness, giddiness, and creativity. It is often smoked recreationally for purposes.

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THC/CBD content

It has a THC content of 18-24%, and has a flower time of 8 weeks. Producers say it’s “somewhere in the middle” when it comes to how strong it is, with some users finding that Purple Punch can be too intense for them.

Effects On Brain & Body

Its effects may help with managing , , , , and .

Growing Information

Purple Punch Strain is a hybrid that’s often selected for its easy-to-grow nature and short flowering time (8 weeks).


Purple Punch Strain is a rare strain with some interesting benefits. It has a high CBD content, which is known to help with , , and . It also has a higher THC content than the average plant which can help with decreasing and pain. However, it can be difficult to find due to its rarity.

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