Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies Strain (CBD) Info

What is the Strain?

Strain is one of the strongest indica dominant hybrid on the market. It’s created by crossing two popular , X .

’s Appearance

Monster Cookies buds are a unique oversized marijuana strain that is thick and dense. These nugs have both a rich amber hairs as well as thick, frosted white trichomes.

Monster Cookies’s Aroma

These nugs smell like , grapes.

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Monster Cookies’s Flavors

Tasty Monster Cookies has a taste with a hint of with an exhale.

, , , Sweet

Monster Cookies’s Health Effects

With a powerful effect, Monster Cookies is often used to treat , , chronic or as well as mild to moderate cases of .

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Monster Cookies’s THC/CBD content

The bud we have on display has a reputation for its appearance and effects caused by THC levels (around 21%). It’s sativa heavy and will typically get you motivated, anxious, & euphoric.

80% indica/20% sativa

Monster Cookies’s Effects On Brain & Body

The Monster Cookies starts with a gradually intensifying tingling sensation that envelops your entire body, leaving you feeling warm and pain-free. At this point, the effect becomes more pronounced in the back of your head, before mastering you and sending you gently to dreamland.

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Monster Cookies’s Growing Information

Monster Cookies’s Flowering Time


Growing Monster Cookies indoors, the plant has a flowering period that lasts 8 to 9 weeks. It offers a decent yield of up to 12 ounces per square meter.


The plant will fare best in a dry, warm climate. It’s also tolerant of cold environments. During the last few days of September, this plant should start bearing flowers that are ready to be harvested after about 8 weeks. They can expect to get around 3-5 ounces from each plant.


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