Jet fuel

Jet fuel Strain Info

What is the Jet fuel Strain?

Jet Strain, otherwise known as , is a hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain created through crossing the Aspen and Country .

Jet is often said to be the “cocaine of marijuana” and it features an energetic & with a fast onset.

Jet fuel Appearance

Jet Strain offers a nug that is heart-shaped and olive green with amber hairs, covered in crystals.

Jet fuel Aroma

Strain is really potent- it has a strong, smell that similar to with Sweet skunk and

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Jet fuel Flavors

The flavor is incredibly strong with a distinctive Diesel undercurrent, accentuated by a sweet .

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Jet fuel Health Effects

Strain is a popular choice for people who suffer from chronic , , or . It’s also helpful for those dealing with or .

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Jet fuel THC/CBD content

The average THC level in is fairly , ranging between 17-19% and the effects it produces are soaring.

 Hybrid — 70% Sativa / 30% Indica 

THC17% — 19%

Jet fuel Effects On Brain & Body

After vaping Jet fuel, you’re guaranteed to feel its effects right away. This height kicks in quickly & is felt in your forehead and eyes. You’ll experience feelings of and joy with clear thinking, followed by a effect.

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Jet fuel Growing Information

Jet fuel Flowering Time
LocationYield Flowering Time
Growing Indoors12-14 sq. meter
Growing Outdoors14 or more ounces per plantEarly-mid October

Growing Indoors

Planting the Jet fuel could yield about 12-14 sq. meter. The flowers we get from this strain should take around 63-72 days, which is around .

Growing Outdoors

Growing Jet fuel outdoors could produce as much as indoor plants. It would produce 14 or more ounces per plant.

The flowers will take 63-72 days to bloom and can be harvested from October onwards.