How to find a good weed supplier?
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I used to think that it was difficult to find a quality cannabis farmer in America. When I finally found one, he told me how they increase the quality of their plants by maintaining a strict regimen of water and fertilizer as well as preventing pests from entering the plants. I now believe that there is a quality cannabis farmer in every state.

While I was growing up in California, my family and friends would often joke about the “weed” they were growing, and how it was just some random ditch weed that they were able to easily buy for dirt cheap. We all knew that the quality of our weed wasn’t great because we didn’t have much information on where to get anything that would be worth smoking.
Thanks to apps such as it’s now much easier to find a supplier that provides a quality product.

You can tell whether a weed farmer is good or bad by looking at the reviews and ratings others offer. If they have very few reviews, it should tell you to be wary of them. Of course, you will want to utilize other resources to confirm if their reviews are genuine.

The more reviews a farmer has, the better your chance is of finding a good supplier. This is because they have already established themselves in the weed industry and are therefore more likely to be reputable. If you receive no information on how to get in touch with them, then this should also serve as a red flag that you are dealing with an unreliable dealer.

Another factor that will determine whether a weed farmer is high quality or not is by checking what they consider to be their “bud”. If the pictures are of leaves, stems, seeds, and buds all mixed together then it’s likely that the product won’t be very good. The leaves and seeds should be discarded so you can maximize the THC percentage in your product.

You should look at their pricing and compare it to other weed farmers when making an assessment about whether or not they are high quality. You can figure out which ones may be less than favorable by looking for anything that is significantly lower than the average price and then comparing this to what they show you in the pictures.

When you look at the prices on, this can help you determine whether or not they are high quality weed farmers because each product will have a photo and price next to it which will allow you to compare them easily. You can then read reviews of the farmer in question to see what others experience was like.

There are many ways to tell whether a weed farmer is high quality or not. If you combine this information with what has to offer, you can make an informed decision about who you choose to buy from. Take the time to do your research and be sure that they provide a high quality product.