Fire OG

Fire OG Strain (CBD) Info

What is the Strain?

is a popular indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain. It is a potent cross between the hugely popular and San Fernando Valley .

’s Appearance

This marijuana strain has a leafy smell with a lot of thin, fiery hairs. It has bright spots and rich purples undertones. There is also a frosty layer of trichomes on the buds

Fire ’s Aroma

It smells like -scented smoke that’s been lit.

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Fire OG’s Flavors

A fire OG strain has a , taste with a hint of notes.

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Fire OG’s Health Effects

Fire OG is popular for treating , , mild to moderate and due to many of its psychoactive effects.

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Fire OG’s THC/CBD content

This strain of marijuana is said to be the most powerful in the OG family and has an insanely THC level ranging from 20-25% on average.

Fire OG’s Effects On Brain & Body

People often say that the Fire OG Strain is a powerful & strain. It gives a sense of determination and leaves you feeling euphoric and energized. As the effects of your strain start to take effect and you gradually feel more and more sedated, you’ll likely experience a crazy case of the munchies. When the starts to wane, you’ll eventually feel so that it will become difficult for you to stay awake.

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Fire OG’s Growing Information

Fire OG’s Flowering Time


Fire OG may be predicted to yield a mean of 14 oz. in step with rectangular meter whilst grown indoors. This takes 10-eleven weeks to flower, and is then geared up for harvesting.


You can estimate that this hybrid might be geared up for harvest across the center to overdue October, and whilst grown exterior they could yield a mean of 15 oz. in step with plant.


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