Durban Poison

Durban Poison Strain Info

What is the Strain?

Expect a major blow to the head from this super-potent strain. A pure sativa, Strain is the beloved inbred descendant of a sativa strain grown in South Africa. Ed Rosenthal, an American cannabis activist, discovered the original strain and brought in back to the United States in the 1970s. It has long been a favorite of stoners and medical marijuana patients here.

’s Appearance

This strain is best for daytime use when you need to be active and productive. The buds are round & chunky with plenty of trichomes, making it ideal for making concentrates.

Durban Poison’s Aroma

Durban Poison is a strain of cannabis with and flavors. It gives off a subtle aroma.

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Durban Poison’s Flavors

Durban Poison weed has an & smell, with a subtle aroma of .

, , Pine, Sweet

Durban Poison’s Health Effects

Durban Poison Strain is a popular herb that’s been found to help with , , just to name a few benefits. It can also be used for .

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Durban Poison’s THC/CBD content

Durban Poison has a THC count that can reach 24%. This makes it one of the world’s most powerful .

Sativa THC: 24%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Durban Poison’s Effects On Brain & Body

This strain has a strong, head that is great for creativity and errands, but it is possible for paranoia and a dry mouth to present themselves.

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Durban Poison’s Growing Information

Durban Poison’s Flowering


Durban Poison is an excellent choice for indoor growing setups, with a 100% satita indica. It can take up to 9 weeks before it’s fully grown and yields 13 ounces per square meter.


Durban Poison is a tall plant that grows best outdoors and can grow up to 90” in height. It produces an average of 16 ounces per plant and usually peaks around late September to early October for harvesting.


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