Doobiebird Daydream

User Ratings: 4.8(12)
Strain Type: Hybrid

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Doobiebird Daydream is another Blue Dream hybrid that combines its famous creative relaxation with the medicinal qualities of Sanjay Gupta Kush. The Doobiebird was also the Colorado Seed Inc. mascot until Colorado State law prohibited cartoon characters to be associated with dispensaries. This hybrid expresses itself with the lime green buds of Blue Dream and a Kush aroma with a hint of skunk. Expect uplifted and motivational attributes that are grounded in a stabilizing body buzz that goes full sedation with heavier dosing. 

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May help with

  • 33% of people say it helps with Depression
  • 33% of people say it helps with Eye pressure
  • 33% of people say it helps with Inflammation
  • Possible Negatives


    Dry eyes

    Dry mouth

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    Parents Children
    Blue Dream

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