Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream Strain (CBD) Info

What is the Strain?

Strain is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain that was created from mixing Starfighter X with an unknown phenotype of . In 2014, this bud took 1st place in the Denver Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid.

’s Appearance

This bud has dark green, fluffy popcorn-shaped nugs with fiery hairs and plenty of crystal trichoms. The colors change from purple to .

Cookies and Cream’s Aroma

The aroma is just as delicious, with overtone of earth and touch of when the buds are burnt

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Cookies and Cream’s Flavors

This flavor provides a nice blend of , butter, and nuts to give you a taste that’s reminiscent of the name.

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Cookies and Cream’s Health Effects

This is known for its THC content and a sweet taste. Its effects have been shown to help with , , , , and chronic .

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Cookies and Cream’s THC/CBD content

This strain has an average THC level of 26%.

balanced hybrid 50% indica/50% sativa

Cookies and Cream’s Effects On Brain & Body

The Cookies & Cream is one of our most popular hybrids with a mellow yet euphoric effect. The starts with a head lift, which gradually brings about creativity and slight energy. This experience is accompanied by a , effect that leaves you listless and blissfully unaware of any pain or anything happening around you.

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Cookies and Cream’s Growing Information

Cookies and Cream’s Flowering Time

Indoor Yield

One of the advantages of indoor growing is that you could provide it with an environment that makes it flourish. With an indoor growing tent, you will want to have ample space.

The hydroponic and SOG techniques are said to decrease the time to flower, which would start in 8 weeks. During the harvest, you could expect a yield of 12-16 ounces per sq. meter.

Outdoor Yield

Realistically, the estimated yield is roughly 16 ounces per plant by the time they harvest Cookies and Cream around the last week of September (roughly) to early October.


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