How to Find the Closest Dispensary Near Me

Finding Dispensaries

Finding marijuana dispensaries has never been easier than it is today. There are many ways to find marijuana dispensaries near you.

More & more people are seeking marijuana dispensaries these days, thanks to its legalization in most US states. people are able to find what they want with relative ease.

Cannabis Apps like Kushy are making it easy for people to find dispensaries in their area without having to worry about getting lost in the what can be sometimes confusing cannabis environment.

What is a cannabis Dispensary?

Cannabis dispensaries are licensed stores that sell medical and recreational marijuana. They allow customers with a prescription for medical marijuana to buy from them, as well as those looking for recreationally-use marijuana. They can sell both types of items in some cases, but it all depends on the territory where the dispensary is located.

Most dispensaries will require you to have an ID card in order to enter the premises either way.

What are my Options for Finding the Closest Dispensary Near Me?

There are many ways to find the closest dispensary to you, but it will depend on what you’re looking for. The best way is to use an app. There are many apps that show your location and also let you find dispensaries near you. In this article will go over some of the best.

Dispensary Locator Apps vs. Web-based Solutions

Dispensary Locator Apps

Mobile apps are the most common way people looking for dispensaries that want to buy marijuana products or want to learn more about weed and see reviews on the best and dispensaries near by. The apps we mention have both mobile app and websites.

If an app isn’t your style, there are other options that work just as well.

Web-based Dispensary Locators

Web based platforms like, weedmaps and leafly are a great option for weed enthusiasts, medical marijuana patients, and people looking for dispensaries. They offer reviews on the best dispensaries in the area as well as menus and descriptions of each strain.

Is a mobile application as well as website that users can

  • Get real time update notifications on order status.
  • Track your delivery driver’s progress on the map.
  • One click reorder from previous and favorite orders.
  • pre order in advance.
  • Is one of two apps on the appStore that allow actual in app ordering.


Is a mobile application as well as website that provides

  • dispensary locations.
  • reviews from other users who have tried the products.
  • The app also allows you to look up all dispensaries in your area.
  • has more dispensaries on their app than any other cannabis app.


Is a website and a mobile application that is

  • Recognized for its in depth and expansive library of information.
  • It provides information about cannabis , dispensaries near you as well as.
  • News about legalization.
  • The app also has a weed ID scanner that will display the name of the strain based on an image taken with your phone’s camera.

How do I use Google Maps to Find the Closest Dispensary Near Me?

You can search on Google or Yelp and then type in dispensary into the search bar and see all the ones that come up near you.

When looking for a dispensary online, do your research! Check Google and Yelp reviews but don’t always trust them.

Dispensary pages typically have more store info you’ll be able to read however Google and Yelp do not have anything related to marijuana dispensary menus and In order to purchase cannabis or see products from a specific dispensary, they need to have their own website or they must be up on one of the apps or websites mention earlier.

Conclusion: The Best Weed Finder websites & Apps top Options to Choose in 2021

Weed finder websites and apps like Weedmaps, Leafly, and kushy are popular among cannabis users for a good reason and though there are a lot more then just these mention They should be your go-to apps in finding the closest dispensaries near you without having to do any strenuous research.