Charlotte’s Web (CBD)


Charlotte’s Web Strain (CBD) Info

What is Charlotte’s Web Strain?

This strain has been in the forefront to present a very valid case for the legalization of Cannabis around the United States because it is the ultimate in natural medicinal treatment for many health issues prevailing around us.

It has been in the news lately when it was named after a girl, Charlotte Figi from Colorado who was treated with this strain and she dramatically decreased having her constant seizures from epilepsy.

Created by crossbreeding the popular medical marijuana strain ACDC with a non-psychoactive hemp strain.This strain has no intoxication and is considered safe for use even in children which has propelled it to immense popularity among many today. The aroma and taste is close to and is in nature, which has made itself very useable and popular.


Charlotte’s Web Aroma

Charlotte’s Web Flavors

, Sage, 

Charlotte’s Web Effects

, Mellow, 

Charlotte’s Web THC/CBD content

The THC content is less than 1% hence the natural tendency to believe it is safe with children too. It is Sativa dominated and has very useful inherent properties and could be placed for the treatment of many health problems.

Effects On Brain & Body

Its effects may help with , Autism, , Epilepsy, , Seizures

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