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Strain Type: Sativa

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British Columbia Seed Company crossed the indica Blueberry with Haze in order to tame this lanky, long-flowering Blaze. This large sativa-dominant plant combines the soaring cerebral high and sweet-spicy smell of Haze, while getting shorter flowering times and a distinct dried-grape aroma from Blueberry. Blaze is closely related to Blueberry Haze and Blue Dream.


37% of people taste the flavor blueberry
25% of people taste the flavor berry
25% of people taste the flavor earthy


87% of people report feeling euphoric
75% of people report feeling uplifted
62% of people report feeling talkative

Possible Negatives

Dry mouth
37% of people report feeling dry mouth
25% of people report feeling headache
12% of people report feeling anxious

May help with

62% of people say it helps with stress
50% of people say it helps with pain
37% of people say it helps with arthritis

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