Birthday Cake Kush
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Birthday Cake Kush Strain Info

What is the Birthday Cake Strain?

Birthday Cake Strain is a hybrid strain that mainly contains indica genetics. It is the product of a cross between and Pie.

Birthday Cake ’s Appearance

These buds have a frosty appearance and come in large, dense and oversized. The nugs appear to be light forest green and come with fiery hairs.

’s Aroma

The smell of this strain is stronger, with a pungency and a slightly overtone.

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’s Flavors

This bud has a mellow, taste with hints of skunk that finish with a aftertaste.

, , Sweet, Vanilla

’s Health Effects

At 24% THC, the potency of Birthday Cake Kush will be perfect for treatment of , , or , and .

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Birthday Cake Kush’s THC/CBD content

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica THC: 24%

Birthday Cake Kush’s Effects On Brain & Body

The effects and flavor of this bud work hand-in-hand to make your experience as good as it can be. When you smoke, the begins with a and euphoric effect which elevates your mood and wipes away any mental pain you were experiencing before. As you’re feeling really giddy, your body will go into a deeply sedated state that locks you to anything you’re sitting on. From there, it’ll be hard for any other senses to take hold and will put your body into a deep and peaceful sleep.

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Birthday Cake Kush’s Growing Information

Birthday Cake Kush’s Flowering time


The average flowering time for Birthday Cake Kush is unknown, but according to some sources it could go anywhere between 60-80 days. This strain can yield 12 – 16 ounces of bud per square meter in the right conditions.


Regarding the flowering time of plants, one can say that is depends. Nonetheless, they usually yield around 16 ounces or more per plant on average.


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