Three Reasons to Stop Smoking & Start Vaping

October 18, 2017

Three Reasons to Stop Smoking & Start Vaping

Smoking is a dangerous habit that affects your health, your financial situation, and those around you.

However, like any other addiction, it can be very hard to quit and many people try unsuccessfully throughout their lifetime: surveys show that the majority of smokers would like to stop smoking, but only 30-40% attempt to quit per year.

There are plenty of benefits to stopping smoking and now’s the perfect time to do it, with Stoptober taking place nationwide.

Here are three reasons to quit smoking, and how vaping can help you on your way.

Better for Your Health

This is the most obvious benefit to stopping smoking, but also the most important.

Smoking kills 1 in 2 long-term smokers from a related disease. It causes around 90% of lung cancers and can also cause heart disease, lung disease, and other cancers. It affects your brain, skin, fertility and mental health, causing serious issues.

Not only does smoking affect your health, but it also affects those around you. Up to 5 million children across the UK are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke, increasing their risk of lung cancer by 24% and heart disease by 25%.

Changing to vaping means you reduce your intake of dangerous chemicals, while still getting your nicotine fix. Public Health England’s 2015 report concluded that e-cigarettes were 95% less harmful than tobacco, with benefits setting in just 20 minutes after your last cigarette.

For more information on the health benefits of quitting smoking, see this post by NHS England.

Better for Your Pocket

Smoking is an expensive business, with thousands of pounds going up in smoke, quite literally, every year.

The average smoker consumes 11 cigarettes a day, with the average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes costing £8.81, meaning a cost of at least £30 a week on cigarettes increasing up to £60 a week for those who smoke a pack a day.

Vaping, on the other hand, is considerably cheaper. With an initial outlay of around £35 for a starter kit, your costs from then on will only consist of replacement parts and vaping juice, usually around £5 per bottle, meaning your average weekly spend will be much less.

Better for Your Taste Buds (And Your Clothes)

It’s a known fact that smoking tobacco doesn’t exactly taste pleasant, and can leave a strong smell on clothes, furnishings and even pets!

Vaping, on the other hand, leaves very little odour to cling to your belongings and instead smells slightly sweet, usually following the flavour of the vape juice.

It also offers a wide range of flavours, making vaping a much more pleasant experience than smoking traditional tobacco.

From traditional flavours like strawberry and menthol to more unique salted caramel and donut flavours, vaping gives you more variety than smoking cigarettes.

Many suppliers, such as Cloudz Vapour, also offer a choice of nicotine levels as well as nicotine-free e-cigarettes, meaning you can adapt your vaping to your needs.

Hopefully, this gives you some motivation for quitting smoking For more information and advice, visit the NHS England website.

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