PotNetwork Holding’s Specialty Products Redefine Growing Cannabis Market

January 03, 2018

Cannabidiol (CBD), the healthy nutrient extracted from the cannabis plant, will soon be entering homes and offices through munchy edibles, breath-enhancing vapors, and energy food that will keep one’s beloved pets up and running around. The benefits associated with these items will also translate into a stronger immune system, less susceptibility to anxiety and stress, and the steady prevention of neurological medical conditions. Breaking the mold and new ground in this area is PotNetwork Holding Inc. (OTCMKTS: POTN)


Its entire range of product lines is processed, manufactured, and distributed by Diamond CBD which is currently giving cannabis a more family-friendly and welcome face. With cannabis-laced chocolates, facial creams, and pet food available in groceries and stores, the past associations of subterfuge for simply obtaining one simply vanish.


The health boost alone should be enough to remove any reservations that the average family (or office manager) still has about medical cannabis, which is one of the fastest-growing hemp-derived industries in the world. Another is the sheer absence of the addictive ingredient in these products, which has often been blamed for the excessive use of recreational marijuana.


Cannabidiol has been proven to be safe, a source of nutrients that can help make one’s physique a well-oiled biological machine. Its sale through these non-recreational forms is also legal. For instance, candy lovers can find Diamond CBD’s Chill Gummies a sweet and healthier alternative to the usual desserts while their anyone can enjoy a needed energy boost with one bottle of the low-sugar, low-calorie CBD “relaxation” beverage.


CBD in its many legal forms—from gumdrops to medical treatments—is poised to become a huge growth market in the coming years. As organizations like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognize its benefits sans the psycho-addictive properties, producers like PotNetwork have the momentum and the commitment to further develop and distribute products that can help address neuroses, minimize epileptic attacks, and provide an overall vitality to the human physiology. According to PotNetwork’s data, earnings from hemp-derived products will reach up to $450 million in just three years’ time.


While the public has been slowly but steadily getting the right information about CBD products, PotNetwork sweetens the deal through its specialty products which do appear useful and aesthetically appealing at best, and non-threatening at the worst. Products like their biotech oil, grinders, and sweets can become welcome additions or fixtures in the family kitchen, the home bathroom, or the office pantry.


PotNetwork has received enthusiastic responses from consumers in all 50 U.S. states. Not surprisingly, it is spreading its cannabis-friendly gospel to other countries. In fact, in November 2017 alone, Diamond CBD’s revenues surpassed $1.6 million. For the past year, this trend of overperforming expectations has been consistent for the company. With Diamond CBD and more than 15 brands under its umbrella, PotNetwork has been the talk of consumerscelebrities at that—-and investors alike.


Its continued rise in the market also advantageously places PotNetwork in the forefront of a cannabis market that is expected to hit $20 billion dollars by 2020. In line with this, plans for expansion into China, Ecuador, Peru, and other emerging economies in Latin America are already in the pipeline. It is only a matter of time before their health-conscious markets see and appreciate the “other” side of cannabis.

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