Buying The Best Dry Herb vaporizers

February 01, 2018

Finding Dry Herb Vaporizers online is sometimes a challenge. The biggest challenge is picking the right vaporizer you want to go with. Nowadays the technology is very impressive in many vaporizers. There are some things people need to know they should need when buying a new dry herb vaporizer. Not everyone understands technology and the power it holds for vaping. New technology is constantly growing each year with smaller and better vaporizers.

Looking For The Perfect Dry Herb Vaporizer

When it comes down to finding the best dry herb vaporizer, you want to make sure you look for the correct features in a vaporizer. You need to first pick if you are going to buy a dry herb vaporizer pen, portable vape, or desktop vaporizer. Dry herb vaporizers come down to the heating and temperature controls. The battery plays a vital role in buying a high quality vaporizer. Portable and pen vaporizers typically use conduction heating. The herbal vaporizers always use anodized heating if it is powered with conduction heating. This is similar to convection heating as the heat conducts off of a ceramic plate to get in contact with your dry herb to produce the vapor. Majority of people are always wanting to buy a convection vaporizer. This is when the hot air rises up to the botanical to extract it in vapor. It is more expensive to buy a convection vaporizer. All desktop vaporizers use convection heating. These vaporizers are bigger, more powerful, and don’t have to rely on a battery to power them up. If your going with a vape pen, stay away from anything with an exposed coil. Your herbs will burn quickly and turn into a smoke pen. Similar vaporizers like the Atmos RX vape pen use this type of heating. Vaporizers like the Atmos Boss use anodized heating. When it comes time to buying your new vaporizer, always make sure it has some indication of temperatures to define the vaping session. Each material will always have different viscosity, moisture levels and density, so it may require different temperature settings if you are using a different dry herb.

Dry Herb Vaporizers Temperature Technology

With technology quickly improving, there are so many different features you should have when buying a new dry herb vaporizer. Majority of temperature settings in a vaporizer are defined with LED lights that change different colors or are located in a vertical alignment. The best vaporizers use OLED or LCD screens to show you the specific temperature read out. Even vaporizers with blue-tooth technology like the Firefly 2 which is considered by many to be the best dry herb vaporizer uses a smart app to show you the specific temperature. Temperature range vaporizers where you can pick up to 4 or more levels will work. Make sure the vaporizer has a heating above 350 degrees fahrenheit. The best temperature technology in a dry herb vaporizer will have an OLED screen to precisely set to a specific temperature so you have the most optimal temperature setting.

Dry Herb Vaporizers Battery Technology

Battery technology is growing rapidly. It is important to have a powerful battery if you are buying a dry herb vape pen or portable vaporizer. Vaporizers should always have batteries that reach over 1500mAH if it has LED or OLED lighting and if it is a portable vaporizer. The more technology a vaporizer has, the more power it will need to function and run all the technology. The majority of cheap portable vaporizers use a battery of around 1200 – 1600mAH while premium portable vaporizers use over 1600mAH and up to 3000mAH of battery. The charging is important, you will see a lot of new portable vaporizers with magnetic charging so you don’t have to worry about twisting the vaporizer on to anything, or plugging it up. These battery chargers use induction charging to quickly charge the battery. The quickest charger is on a Firefly 2 which charges the vaporizer in under 20 minutes to 80% capacity.

Buying a Dry herb Vaporizer For Sale

When it comes down to buying a quality dry herb vaporizer you always want to make sure you have the heating technology right and the right battery power. The next things to look at are how stylish the battery is, if it is small or long. If discreetness is a problem, find something that is small and can be palmed or something that may look like something you would use everyday, like a vaporizer that mimics a cell phone or radio. When you buy a dry herb vaporizer online, stay away from 3rd party marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. These places always sell knock-off vaporizers that are made in China illegally. You will not be granted a warranty if you buy off these 3rd party marketplaces. Find a quality vaporizer site like which is a high quality online vape store that sells the best dry herb vaporizers online. Make sure you always have a budget and have a good store that has an easy to use website to find the correct vaporizer for sale.

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